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High school winter trip

The Columbia KLIFE High School Winter Trip is a two day, one night, adventure packed trip to Kansas City. The trip will take place January 19-20, 2019. 

We are excited to get away and have a ton of fun and fellowship with one another over the long weekend. The trip is open to all high school students in the Columbia area, not only those already involved in KLIFE. Invite your friends and come hang with us!

DATE: January 19-20, 2019

PLACE: Kansas City

COST: $200-250

*Trip package options and descriptions are listed the event website. The total cost of your student's trip is determined by which activity they choose to do at Snow Creek. ALL packages include bus transportation, lodging, 4 additional activities, 3 meals, drinks/snacks. 

*Additional cost will include: $25 for dinner at Joe's KC Bar-B-Que, and dinner on the way home. $5 if your student doesn't have a Top Golf member card.

For more trip details, a tentative trip itinerary, or to REGISTER TODAY, CLICK HERE!

Any trip questions may be emailed to nick.newton@klife.com.